Persons of Note

The High Council is comprised of the eldest of the three elders from each city. in total, they number 4, and are currently the following:

  • Klander – Elf
    Klander is the Eldest of the elders in Domi, the jungle city. He is known by all to be fair and wise, but a bit aloft. His real name is long and hard to pronounce, so we won’t bother to try.
  • Svendar – Dwarf

    Svendar is the eldest of the Otthon elders. He is gruf, but generous. He can still be found at the forge from time to time, and is recognized as a master craftsman, despite only having one hand. Local legends say he lost his left hand to an undead monster in his youth, when a rebel necromancer amassed undead in the sewers of Otthon.
  • Alice – Halfling

    Alice is so loved by the people of Kudo, that the general populace calls her grandma. Her word is law… but only because no one in Kudo would ever dream of disappointing her.
  • Heather – Human

    Less is known about Heather (the senior high council member from Homilan) than the other members of the High Council. Nobody has ever come forward who knew her before her mid thirties, and she hasn’t felt the need to fill in the gaps. She is known for her firm grasp on the law, and has cited obscure law from memory that has left legal experts scrambling for their books to try to verify if she is correct… but she always is. Word on the street is that while she certainly isn’t particularly forgiving, she also isn’t cruel… she is just and fair.
  • Shanandra (Nice elf in the blue dress)

    Zadkiel and Gerard purchased food from her. Later, when the food was eaten, the food had poison in it. Poison is bad… but is she?
  • Trassk

    Trassk is a druidic Troglodyte who (for all intents and purposes) has aligned himself with our adventurers.
  • Kaarghaz

    Deep in the ruins of an ancient dwarven stronghold a weeks travel north of Otthon, lies a tribe of troglodytes. These troglodytes were bested by the party, but their lives were spared. The concept of mercy is alien to the tribe, and they are still trying to wrap their brains around it. Power, however, is something they understand completely. Kaarghaz the Sorcerrer leads the remnants of the tribe, and Kaarghaz has sworn allegiance to the group. In addition, Tiny and Ievos are now staying with Kaarghaz and helping him to gather and organize a force outside of the cities.
  • Andolyn – Elf
    Andolyn’s father was a wizard, and for as long as she can remember, she always knew she would follow in his footsteps. She was much more brash in her youth, even going so far as to participate in arena tournaments and volunteering to deal with trouble in the graveyards and sewers from time to time. She loves Gendrew very much, and is overcome with gratitude toward the party for saving him. While a much more private person than Gendrew, she is comfortable around people, and enjoys entertaining guests in their home from time to time.
  • Gendrew – Half-Elf
    One of the finest cooks in Homilan, Gendrew has been with Andolyn for just over 15 years. He sells his finer cuisine in all four cities, and some of his finer meals helped him to win Andolyn’s heart when they were courting. Andolyn is so fond of his cooking, that he has managed to persuade her to enchant many of the cooking implements in their home. Gendrew is very good natured, and is loved by children… though this could be because every week he gives out free treats and pastries to kids who help him with odd chores.
  • Darwell – Human

    Darwell owns the tower in Homilan, and is not just an evil mage, but a very powerful one. This is known, because Polan did some digging and exploration in his tower, and retrieved enough evidence to show that Darwell is not only passing through the wards, but also has been creating tokens to allow others to pass through the wards. He has brought “monsters” into the city, and has many of them in the tower at the present time.
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Persons of Note

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