Moonstone Weasel

Figurine of Wondrous Power

Moonstone Weasel (rare)

This shiny figurine is a mere 3 inches in length, and the nearly transparent moonstone from which it is crafted almost appears to be crystal.

The powers of the Moonstone Weasel are twofold. As a bonus action, when the figurine is attuned and within 5 feet of its owner, and the words “Nerk, trouble me!” are spoken, a weasel is summoned. The weasel is normal in most ways but has an intelligence of 6, understand common and can respond with body language (nodding or shaking a head, for example). The weasel also has a Slight of Hand bonus of +5 (but only for purposes of stealing objects that are no larger nor heavier than the weasel), and has advantage on all Slight of Hand and Stealth checks. The weasel is mischievous, particularly fond of small, shiny objects, and if left alone will often get into some kind of trouble. Nerk tries very hard to follow instructions, but sometimes its curiosity overcomes its sense of duty, and it gets sidetracked.

When the figurine is attuned and within 5 feet of its owner, as an action the command words “Nerk, trouble my enemy!” can be spoken to great effect. Fading into sight, a medium sized Dire Weasel appears. The dire weasel is normal in all ways, but has an intelligence of 6 and can communicate in the same way it can when in its smaller form. It can remain for 6 hours, but once summoned can not be summoned again for 3 days. The single entity that is Nerk resides both within the weasel and the dire weasel, but when in dire weasel form, it is much more aggressive and physical. When in weasel form, it is a curious and fun loving prankster. Nerk always obeys its master when in dire form, and always makes a heroic attempt to obey its master when in weasel form, succeeding when nothing particularly interesting catches its eye.

If slain in weasel or dire weasel form, Nerk can not be called again until a full 3 days have passed.

Moonstone Weasel

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