Jesinford Delandrey's Journal

Jesinford Delandrey’s Journal

This book is riddled with decay, and only has writing on the first 30 pages or so. Some of the pages crumble as they are turned. Even the pages that are intact are faded at best, and unreadable at worst. Some of the passages you can make out are below…

Page 1:
“…ot available as you read this, then let me introduce myself. I am Jesinford Delandrey, but most of my peers call me Jesi. I look to be in my twilight years, but due to certain… measures I have taken, I should be able to last much longer than my appearance would suggest. In any event, I’m taking the time to jot down notes and experiences from time to time, to either remind me of my younger years, or to grant others a glance into my life in centuries to come. I grew up i…”

Page 13:
“… sure where I land on the issue. Is a lower caste of workers needed to sustain the economy? Possibly. Is the inhumane treatment that they receive needed? Absolutely not. The problem is the sweeping change that would be required for any true change. Why, just last week, I…”

Page 14:
“… can’t believe that nobody will listen to me. I told them that if we ignored this threat, it would not end well. Of course, I must admit even I did not realize just how badly. Th…”

Page 18:
“…omething must have gone wrong. The barriers have been in place for months now, but for some reason, only 4 were raised successfuly. The other three… Truly, this is tragic. They tried to hold out. I attempted to do what I could for them, but it was hopeless. The power I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. While it is easy to shield my tower from the simpletons like lizardfolk, orcs, hill giants and the like, I think the tower was almost discovered by a blue dragon just a few days ago. He eventually left, but he looked pensive as he examined the area. I fear that this game of cat and mouse can only go on fo…”

Page 26:
“…as happened. They know I’m here. They haven’t been able to unveil the tower yet, but they have set up a perimeter. I guess I could flee, but my heart is not in it. I would rather bring down a few of the bastards with me and call it good. The blue is leading them, and I think I can bring take him out before his army can overwhelm me. I am happy to observe that over the last couple years, the massive influx of nasty creatures has diminished quite a bit. I guess infighting and the like was bound to bring their populations back down to a reasonable level even without the civilized races doing their part. Even as I write this, my blood boils. When I get my hands on that blue, I am go…”

Page 28:
“…ot sure how long I can hold him. He is stronger than he looked, and has a surprisingly extensive array of magic at his disposal. I’ve been making his existence, well, unpleasant for three days now, and his troops are mad with anger. While my life can now be numbered in days, I’m having the time of my life! One thing that left me howling with anger was when the damn lizard revealed that one of his comrades had managed to implant a spy inside of the shield before it went up. He told me (laughing all the while) that the gods are not only sleeping now, but that they are dead! I’m not sure exactly how he could accomplish this, but he seemed fairly confident. I can still feel a divine presence, but I must admit it is a mere trickle where there used to be a roaring river. I wish there were some way I could warn the people of the cities of their danger, as I suspect the projected death of the gods has something to do with the spy. Alas, if I cease my struggles for more than a few minutes with this brute, I will be lost. This morning the titanic struggle left cracks in the east side of the tower. If it were not for the fact that I myself cast the common spells of strengthening and preservation on the stonework, the tower would even now be reduced to rubble. I fear that those outside may be able to exploit this new weakness introduced by the cracks, and bring down the tower… if the blue doesn’t manage it first. He is beginning to regain his strength even as I weaken. Today, I will slay him, and most likely die in the act. Strangely, I…”

Page 29:
“…did it. The beast is dead. I am barely alive myself, and my tower has been breached. With his dying throes, he tore down part of the east wall, and while I’ve killed several dozen of his followers, i am now trapped in this room. Once I have rested and studied my spells, I will strike forth. Unfortunately, victory is hopeless. I am weakened, and I saw another dragon, a green, behind the ranks. I have spent a bit of my precious energy casting a preservation spell on this journal, but I know not how long it will last. I haven’t the strength left to truly make it ageless. I’ve destroyed many of the books in here. While I don’t think they will be able to pierce the illusions surrounding my hidden closet here, I can’t take any risks. I left behind my nephews text book about the gods. With what I’ve learned recently, this could some day be worth more than all the gold in the world. It already had strong spells of protection on it, after all, it was a text book for a 12 year old boy! I can on…”

Page 30:
“…so the time has come. I have readied myself, and I am sealing this book and putting it on the shelf. If any of the civilized races ever happen across this journal of mine, good luck, and may the gods be with you.


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Jesinford Delandrey's Journal

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