Thoughts and Notes

Q: Who sent us out beyond the wards?
A: All you know at this point is that the Elders of the four cities put out a proclamation, and the 5 of us were selected as volunteers. We do not know how many people said they were willing to go, nor the reasons we were selected (if there were, in fact other candidates). The rest of the Elders (3 from each city, of which the 4 eldest form the High Council) are known to the public (you would be familiar with them by name, and possibly by appearance), and it would be reasonably safe to assume (but it would be an assumption at this point) that they are aware of this venture.

Q: What animals/monsters are we familiar with?
A: While religion is notably gone from your culture, lore of many monsters and creatures is still available in the Great Libraries (one in each city). These libraries are immense and deep, and if anyone wants to elaborate on them (or the Regional Zoos, also one per city), the link is waiting. :) Speaking of the Regional Zoos (also one per city), most of the animal life in the various regions are represented in the zoos, as well as some more exotic and dangerous forms of animal life. Animals (and a handful of more common non or semi-intelligent “magical beasts”) are probably familiar to all of you, but more exotic things would only be known to those who have studied in the libraries (ie. ranks in the relevant Knowledge: X skill)

Q: Why don’t wizards just teleport or travel through the wards by crossing over into other planes, then exiting on the other side of the wards?
A: The wards prohibit any kind of extradimentional travel across their boundaries. That also means that spells that make use of teleportation or planar travel (including summoning of monsters, gate spells, and the like) will not work, with the exception situations where a previously existing strong bond is already in existence (as in the case of Zadkiel’s Eidolon, or a familiar, or the like). Teleportation spells and effects that start and end within the same city will function normally.

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Thoughts and Notes

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