The Fallen

Our heroes are young… well… in a manner of speaking. Hehe. As they grow, and kick butt, their conquests will be recorded here, as will their failures and sacrifices.

Friends: Rest in Peace
Gerard – A really nice guy. Unfortunately a charging ogre and a greataxe didn’t see the value of being nice. Rest in peace, Gerard.
Coswell – A capable ‘not thief’, Coswell was feeling a bit tired, so an ogre friend of his helped him take a dirt nap. Thanks for the help Coswell.

The others: Rest in Pieces

  • 6 wolves (3 killed, 3 fled)

5 Guard Dogs (5 killed)

1 Electric Lizard (killed)

2 Troglodytes (small)

1 Troglodyte (bigger than the others)

3 Giant Spiders

4 Skeletons

1 Imp (escaped, not killed)

1 Tasty Calzone Golem

1 Poker, 1 Book, and 1 Drape

1 Small Fire Elemental

2 Grizzly Bear (Once it had tasted Zadkiel, it had to be put down)

Note: A swarm of bats barely escaped our wrath, flying off into the night.

15 Orcs

1 Grumpy Ogre

1/2 Orc-Witch (because she got away)

11 Trogs

An unknown number of stirges. They suck.

2 Gricks

1 Giant Chameleon

1 Gray Ooze

1 Chuul

The Fallen

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