four cities

The four cities that make up your world are Homilan, Domi, Otthon, and Kudo. Following is a brief overview of the cities…


A city in the hills, lightly forested. Homilan has more land than any of the other cities, and much of it is farmland. Produces a great deal of agriculture and livestock. Humans make up the bulk of the population, but halflings are also quite common.


City in the Jungle. Exports fruits and other food that grows on plants. Elves and gnomes make up the bulk of the population, but a smattering of everything can be found here.

  • Places within Domi


High in the mountains, Otthon is a city or ore, smiths, gemstones, miners, tinkering gnomes, dwarven craftsmen, and fine weapons. Colder than its sister cities, Otthon is all about strength. Their elders are not only chosen for their wisdom, but also for their prowess in combat.


City on the Sea. Fish, fish, and more fish. Kudo exports anything and everything you can get from or near the ocean. Kelp, sea food, pearls… The list goes on. Kudo truly is a mish-mash of all the known races, with no true predominant race residing there. The ward covers not just a single island, but a smattering of islands, and reaches far beneath the waves as it protects Kudo. While Kudo has the least land of any of the four cities, it also has the largest area within the bubble, which has a radius of almost 30 miles.

  • Places within Kudo

four cities

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