Krom the Lucky

Lean and burly


Standing at 6’6", Krom is a massive young man. He sports close cropped dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes. He fancies himself ‘lucky’, and loves his surname almost as much as his enormous greataxe. He favors brute force over finesse, and has been known to proudly boast of how his luck and strength are all he needs to overcome even the greatest of obstacles.


Krom was born beneath the arena itself. His mother was a favorite, her beauty inspiring the crowds easily, and making her wealthy, as countless admirers bestowed lavish gifts upon her, hoping for her favor. His father had never lost a match, except for when he fought Krom’s mother and lost to her. When that happened, the crowds roared with laughter and approval, knowing their relationship, and appreciating how spectacularly his father lost to his mother. Gladiators didn’t start with the surname, but instead were granted one by their fans based on their performance. This is how Krom gained his…

Krom’s parents were hard workers, and surprisingly overprotective. They never allowed him to leave the arena until he was 18. When he finally went out he was overwhelmed by everything he saw. Not surprisingly, he ended up in a bar, drunk off his rocker. After stumbling out of the tavern, he started off in the general direction of the arena. Only a block away from the tavern, he spotted a woman getting assaulted in an alley. In his stupor, did not recognize that the woman was laughing, or that the men were jesting… As he beat the four men down, killing two of them in the process, he thought their screams of terror were battle cries, and that the woman’s sobs were in gratitude, not grief and fear. Minutes later Krom passed out in front of the guards who had been sent to arrest him. Crime is not tolerated in Homilan, and violent crime even less… His punishment was to be quick and straightforward. Two days later, Krom was standing on a gallows at the center of the arena. Being the son of famous people, crowds were there to witness the spectacle. It seemed as if nature itself were watching, as clouds gathered above the burly young man standing in the wooden platform. He looked stoic and fearless as the noose was placed where his neck, lifting his chin proudly. The crowd was silent as the gruff old dwarf officer reached for the lever, wrapped both hands around it and gave a mighty tug. Krom gave out a roar as the wood disappeared from beneath his feet, his every muscle tensing. A brilliant flash of light that the sky, burning his eyes with its brightness, and Krom grimly assumed he had just died… Until his feet struck solid ground. His instinct kicked in and he rolled to the side, a length of rope falling into a pile at his side as deafening thunder of rattled the wooden plans above his head. The burnt end of the rope smoked and smoldered as he and the crowd realized that lightning struck the gallows, saving Krom’s life. The masses leapt to their feet, giving a great roar of approval that was almost as loud as the thunder had been a moment before. In the following days, the Council of Elders debated what Krom’s fate should be. Some argued that in fact, the penalty and carried out! Others argued that the intent of the punishment was for him to be executed, and that the punishment was not yet complete. As Krom sat in his cell, contemplating his fate, he overheard two guards speaking about the suicide mission that had been announced that very morning. The Councils of the cities had announce they needed volunteers for a dangerous mission that would mean almost certain death, and guaranteed a pardon for anyone who accepted the challenge. Krom pondered this, as one of the guards laughingly suggested this sounded like a quest for Krom the lucky! Krom grinned and called out, “Guards! Go to the Council of Elders. Tell them that I wish to serve them in this.”

Krom the Lucky

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